Pepe LeMew 2
A kitten with a skunk-like white stripe on its back is dubbed Pepe LeMew by shelter staff. Photo courtesy of Helen Woodward Animal Center

The most popular name among cats that have come through the county of San Diego for adoption, microchipping or other services isn’t too original — it’s Kitty.

Other frequently occurring feline names, in order, are Tiger, Baby, Smokey, Shadow, Tigger, Sassy, Cleo, Max and Lucy, according to the county Department of Animal Services.

The most popular dog names are more human in nature — Bella, Buddy, Lucy, Max, Daisy, Charlie, Molly, Bailey, Roxy and Maggie, according to an Animal Services report issued last month.

The department is waiving the $58 feline adoption fee this month because it has been inundated by kitties recently, so anyone who wants to take home a cat can name their own price.

Information about pet adoptions is available online at or by calling (619) 767-2675.

—City News Service