The 3-month-old puppy does not have tag or mircochip so it will go up for adoption next month. Photo courtesy of County News Center

A 3-month-old puppy that swallowed a 6-inch corn dog stick whole was recuperating Friday at a San Diego animal shelter and could be put up for adoption next month.

Some youngsters in the College Area spotted the stray chocolate Labrador mix gnawing on the stick on Sunday. They alerted their father, who called county Animal Service workers to pick up the pup because he looked sick.

County officials said the stick did not show up in an X-ray, but staffers at the Department of Animal Services could feel something inside the dog’s stomach. The 6-inch stick was surgically removed from his stomach at a veterinary hospital the following day.

“Imagine our surprise when the veterinary hospital told us exactly what they removed from the pup’s stomach,” Animal Services Deputy Director Dan DeSousa said. “Quick action was necessary to prevent this dog from suffering and to save its life.”

DeSousa said the puppy would need around two weeks to recover. He was returned to the shelter Thursday and will stay there until a foster home becomes available.

The dog was found without tags or a microchip, so DeSousa said he would likely be put up for adoption sometime in April.

— City News Service

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