Librarians Rock Mohawks After One Million Checkouts

Librarian mohawks – makes you do a double take, right? Those are two words that usually do NOT go together.

But thanks to Vista, now they do, as five good-natured librarians made good on their promise this spring and got mohawks because the community pushed them to a big milestone – Vista was the first county library to make it over the 1-million check-out mark.

That means the community checked out more than 1 million books, DVD’s and CDs over the course of the fiscal year, which ended June 30.

The librarian mohawk – could it become a trend? Vista’s librarians make good on a promise to the community. Photo credit: San Diego County via YouTube

“We were close to getting the million last year and close isn’t good enough for us,” said J.P. Baker, Teen Services Librarian.

Baker said he wondered if some librarians who agreed to get the mohawks didn’t think they would make it. “Then the day came and they were like, Uh-oh,” he said.

The big shave took place at the library on Friday, July 11, to the thrill of patrons who watched them on a stage.

“This whole group of librarians here are motivated like I’ve never seen librarians before,” said supporter Fred Albury.

San Diego County might even be challenging more librarians to dare to go pointy on top and bare on the sides. Jose Aponte, the county’s library director, issued the challenge – perhaps tongue in cheek, but he didn’t shy away from backing up his employees. He got one too.

“Mohawks all around … 9,000 libraries, 9,000 mohawks,” Aponte said.

Of course, it was all for a more noble cause than merely giving librarians a punk ‘do.

County library director Jose Aponte, who joined his librarians in getting a mohawk. Photo credit: San Diego County via YouTube

“We want our community to be well-­informed and we hope this campaign will encourage people to read and bring attention to the great resources available through San Diego County Library,” said Adult Services Librarian Kris Jorgenson.

The Vista branch is at 700 Eucalyptus Ave. For more information, contact the library at (760) 643­-5100.

– County News Service contributed to this report.

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