Pink lines show geofence around San Diego State University. Yellow pins are designated parking areas for electric devices. Image via

San Diego State University announced Monday that electric bicycles and scooters will be banned on campus beginning in the fall semester.

SDSU opted to prohibit electric and motorized mobility devices after a report from the university’s Parking and Transportation Services found that on-campus incidents involving bicycles, scooters and skateboards rose 22% between 2017 and 2019.

The SDSU University Senate approved the changes in March, prohibiting the use of electric or motorized vehicles like dockless bicycles and scooters, hoverboards and other small electric or motorized vehicles on campus. Students will still be able to use electric or motorized micro-mobility devices to commute to the campus.

Devices like dockless scooters and bicycles will also be disabled by geo-fencing technology set up by micro-mobility companies. Riders who enter a geo-fenced area of the campus will be blocked from ending their ride until they move to a designated parking area.

The new policy does not apply to manual powered micro-mobility devices, the school said.

It comes amid a roiling debate in which San Diego mayoral candidates Todd Gloria and Barbara Bry stake opposing stands. Councilwoman Bry has called for a temporary ban on dockless bikes and scooters while Assemblyman Gloria is defending them as a means of achieving climate goals.

Personal motorized micro-mobility devices owned by faculty, staff, students and campus visitors will be required to be powered down on campus. Those who operate personal motorized devices on campus will be fined $75. Electric or motorized bicycles may be used on campus if powered off.

“The new policy was enacted to ensure the safety of our campus community was a top priority,” said PATS Director Debbie Richeson. “However, we recognize that micro-mobility is a favored and accessible form of alternate transportation and we want to support this mode of transportation to and from campus.”

Human-propelled vehicles like bicycles, skateboards, roller skates and scooters can be ridden only on the university’s streets, bike lanes and designated paths. In any other location on campus, they must be walked.

Updated at 4:07 p.m. Aug. 19, 2019

— City News Service contributed to this report.

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