File photo: Pixabay

Lead was discovered in water at a local elementary school, San Diego Unified School District officials said Friday.

Officials tested water at Fletcher Elementary School in Birdland and found the water from six different faucets and drinking fountains to have lead levels above the school district’s limit of five parts per billion, according to the district.

Most of the fixtures had lead levels under 10 parts per billion, but one — a cafeteria kitchen faucet — showed levels of about 45 parts per billion, nine times higher than the district’s limit and three times higher than the federal limit of 15 parts per billion.

All of the fixtures that exceed safe levels of lead will be secured until the problem can be addressed, a letter to parents from school Principal Gina Camacho McGrath said.

Bottled water also will be provided to all students.

“For families concerned about the potential exposure their students might have had, the school district recommends families contact their family doctor or local community clinic and request a lead blood screening,” the letter said.

Officials scheduled a parent informational meeting for 8:30 a.m. Nov. 28 in the school’s auditorium.

Anyone with questions was asked to contact the district’s safety office at (858) 627-7174 or by email at

–City News Service