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The San Diego Air & Space Museum inspires young people to tackle the challenges of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics academic disciplines, and to make a difference in tomorrow’s world through an innovative, adventurous spirit. To further this goal, the Museum selected 12 graduating seniors this year from San Diego County high schools to receive a total of $45,000 in scholarships.

These scholarships are awarded annually on behalf of four Museum administered scholarship endowment funds, the Bill Gibbs, Convair Alumni Association, R.A. Rearwin and Jennings Kelly Scarborough funds. The Museum also awards an annual scholarship for an outstanding student pursuing a degree in science, technology, engineering or mathematics. Over the past 28 years, 293 talented San Diego County high school seniors have been awarded a total of $855,000 through these scholarships.

Jim Kidrick, Museum CEO and President commented, “These scholarship programs exemplify our intent to aid deserving students wanting to advance their education – our entire mission is all about inspiring our next greatest generations to excel in their lives.”

The 28th scholarship award ceremony will be held on Thursday, June 15, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the San Diego Air & Space Museum’s Rearwin Gallery. The following students will be recognized and awarded one of these five scholarships to assist with their tuition and book expenses at a four-year university of their choice.

San Diego Air & Space Museum Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Scholar:

Jared T. Trok, Valley Center High School

Bill Gibbs Endowment Scholars:

Owen R. Cruise, Mt. Carmel High School

Emma R. Wensley, San Marcos High School

Convair Alumni Association Endowment Scholars:

Teagan J. Ampe, Scripps Ranch High School

Bretton R. Benzie, Scripps Ranch High School

Karsyn A. Chalfa-Swift, Steele Canyon Charter High School

Ryan T. Lehmkuhl, Heritage Christian School

Shannon R. Linder, Ramona High School

Jeffrey R. Sardina, Carlsbad High School

  1. A. Rearwin Endowment Scholars:

Ethan J. Brandt, Carlsbad High School

Dominic R. Garza, Steele Canyon Charter High School

Jennings Kelly Scarborough Scholar:

Ethan G. Eisele, Westview High School

San Diego Air & Space Museum Scholarship: Students are selected who are graduating from a San Diego County high school, who have expressed a desire to pursue a degree in the sciences, technology, engineering or mathematics, and who have demonstrated an interest in exploring the outer bounds of what we can be. Initiated in 2014, four scholarships have been awarded, totaling $15,500.

Bill Gibbs Endowment: Bill Gibbs, a San Diego businessman, the founder of Montgomery Field, established the Bill Gibbs Scholarship Fund with a $10,000 gift to the San Diego Air & Space Museum in 1988. Students are selected for the Bill Gibbs Scholarship who are graduating from a San Diego County high school, and who express and demonstrate a desire to pursue a career in aviation or in an aerospace related field. Since 1989, $259,500 has been awarded to 110 Bill Gibbs scholars.

Convair Alumni Association Endowment: In 1997, the Convair Alumni Association provided Convair Recreation Association funds, as well as funds from the General Dynamics Corporation, to support scholarships for San Diego County high school graduating seniors who are direct descendants of former employees of Consolidated Aircraft Corporation, Consolidated-Vultee Aircraft Corporation, or the Convair, Astronautics or Space Systems Divisions of General Dynamics Corporation, and who worked in the San Diego area. Since that time, 136 scholars have enjoyed the support of a Convair Alumni Association Scholarship, totaling $465,600.

R.A. Rearwin Endowment: In 2000, the late Kenneth Rearwin and his family established a scholarship in honor of his late father, R.A. Rearwin, a noted aircraft and engine manufacturer. Scholarships are awarded to San Diego County high school graduating seniors who demonstrate a strong career interest in the aerospace industry and who love to “tinker” with electronics and engines. Since then, there have been 39 R.A. Rearwin scholars, who have received a total of $104,900.

Jennings Kelly Scarborough Endowment: In 2014, a new scholarship was awarded for a graduating San Diego County high school senior who professes and demonstrates a desire to pursue an aviation career as a pilot. The Jennings Kelly Scarborough Scholarship has been established by Mary Scarborough in honor of her late husband’s love of flight, as both a military and civilian pilot. Kelly Scarborough also served on the Museum’s Scholarship Committee. Four Scarborough scholars have received a total of $9,500.

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