UCSD Frat Hosts Breast Cancer Event, Days After “Rush Boobs” Scandal

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The same UCSD fraternity involved in soliciting topless photos from female students, is hosting a Breast Cancer philanthropy event Sunday at 8 a.m. in Balboa Park. The event is being held in partnership with the American Cancer Society, with the goal of raising a total of $500.

After Rachel Friedman, a second-year UCSD student, received a text message from a fraternity member requesting “rush boobs” she posted it on Facebook last week. The message asked for topless photos with “Rush [SAE]” written across the breasts, and it clarifies that faces are unnecessary. It also includes text speak such as “lol,” and a crying, laughing emoticon.

Screenshot of Text Message from Frat member, on Facebook.

Friedman said on Facebook, “I am utterly disgusted with the fact that this fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, is trying to use the degradation of woman to promote rush, and I am personally offended that I was even asked to do such a thing.”

Sigma Alpha Epsilon acknowledged the issue in a Facebook post, stating, “Besides those few individuals, our chapter as a whole was not aware and did not have a part in this degrading action. Our chapter and Sigma Alpha Epsilon as an organization does not condone objectifying women or the degradation of others for that matter.”

Some commentators on the Facebook post accused the Fraternity of failing to take responsibility for their actions by denying that the whole chapter was aware of the rush photos.

In an interview with Fox5, Friedman said that violence begins with objectification of women in recruitment tactics such as “rush boobs.” She also said to Fox, “And their philanthropy is helping women, so why are you then in the same sense, using women in an unhealthy and degrading way to try and promote your organization?”

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