San Diego police
Police investigate at the Arizona Street home following Sunday’s home invasion. Photo credit: OnScene.TV

Intruders attacked four people during a daylight home invasion by three armed suspects in University Heights Sunday.

Five residents were in the home, in the 4500 block of Arizona Street, at approximately 1 p.m. when the suspects, described as Hispanic males, entered from the alley, according to OnScene.TV.

The suspects pistol-whipped four of the residents, most of whom were also bound with zip-ties. They conducted a search of the premises, then left the house through the back.

Two of the suspects walked south through the alley, passing several security cameras. Another entered a white commercial-type van, driving north through the alley and turning east onto Madison Avenue.

An uninjured resident freed the others after the suspects fled. A male resident who was injured left the scene before San Diego police arrived, saying he was seeking treatment for his injuries.

Officers are looking for this victim at area hospitals.

It is not known what, if anything, the suspects took from the home. Investigators found more than a dozen zip-ties in the alley and collected them for evidence.