Justice Department flag in Washington
Justice Department flag. File photo

A San Diego-based company has agreed to pay $627,000 in civil penalties as part of a settlement resolving allegations that it discriminated against non-U.S. citizens by requiring them to provide
unnecessary work authorization documentations due to their citizenship or immigration status, the Department of Justice announced Tuesday.

Fleetlogix Inc., which provides cleaning and transportation services to rental car companies, signed a settlement agreement with the DOJ that also creates a back pay fund for individuals who lost work due to the alleged discrimination.

The company will also train relevant employees on the requirements of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which prohibits employers from requesting more or different documents than necessary to prove work authorization based on employees’ citizenship, immigration status or national origin.

The DOJ alleged that Fleetlogix required specific documents from work-authorized non-U.S. citizens, even though the individuals had already provided other valid documents to prove work authorization, such as a driver’s license or unrestricted Social Security card.

Some of the documents requested in violation of the INA include I-94s, also known as Arrival-Departure Record Cards, work permits and green cards.

“The Immigration and Nationality Act requires employers to verify workers’ authorization to work in the United States and makes it illegal for employers to demand more or different documents than necessary, request specific documents, or reject reasonably genuine-looking documents because of a worker’s citizenship, immigration status or national origin,” said Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband of the Civil Rights Division.

“We are encouraged that Fleetlogix will work with the Department of Justice to ensure that any work-authorized individuals who unfairly missed work opportunities as a result of the practices at issue will receive appropriate back pay,” he said.

— City News Service