California Highway Patrol. Photo by Chris Stone

Looking for a new and rewarding career? The California Highway Patrol is looking for Public Safety Dispatchers in San Diego. This fast-paced working environment is in desperate need of people to serve the citizens of San Diego County. 

Rarely will you ever get a chance to meet the hundreds of people who will call for help, yet they’ll depend on your voice, your directions, and your knowledge to ger through an emergency.

No day is ever routine – one call may be a minor collision, while the next is a frantic voice calling for help.  Both will be depending on your calm, firm voice, and direction until help can arrive.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and training, you’ll provide the excellent service and security that the people have come to expect from the California Highway Patrol.

  • Starting salary $4,308-5,933 a month. Incentives include $300 a month of retention pay for San Diego, $100 a month bilingual pay overtime, and holiday pay.
  • Benefits – Medical, dental and vision packages for the whole family.
  • Retirement – A great state retirement system (CALPERS) with additional options for 401K/457 plans.

The final filing date for these positions is Oct. 22.

CHP is available for on-camera interviews explaining the process, the need for dispatchers, and how to apply.

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