Chula Vista Fire Department crew members on scene of an electrical explosion that triggered multiple water line breaks. Photo: OnSceneTV

Mylar balloons entangled in above-ground power lines in a Chula Vista neighborhood wreaked havoc Monday afternoon, causing an explosion and several water line breaks.

The Chula Vista Fire Department responded around 3:15 p.m. to a call at 497 D Street after the resident reported hearing an explosion and smelling an electrical fire.

There was no evidence of flames when fire crews arrived, but investigators did find evidence of Mylar balloons tangled in nearby power lines. Additonally, several water lines appeared to be ruptured nearby.

“The Mylar balloons on the power lines caused some type of explosion,” said Chula Vista Fire Department Batallion Chief David Albright. “Somewhere in the process, power lines and water lines crossed.”

Power in the area was shut off by officials, but for unknown reasons electricity continued to feed back into the residence impacted by the explosion, Albright said.

There were several “burn marks” near the incident, including along the street and on the residence’s exterior; electrical outlets inside the home were melted, Albright said.

There were no reports of injuries, however during the investigation officials shut off power to two homes and an apartment complex.


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