San Diego Sheriff's cruiser
San Diego Sheriff’s cruiser. Photo via SD Sheriff’s Dept.

A San Diego County Sheriff’s deputy sexually assaulted a woman inside her home after he was sent to check on her welfare, the woman said in a claim filed against San Diego County.

The complaint by the unidentified “Jane Doe” alleges that Deputy Richard Fischer “rubbed and fondled” her on Aug. 20, the San Diego Union- Tribune reported. It claims Fischer was sent to her home with other deputies about 4 a.m. for a welfare check, but he returned alone an hour later and asked to be let inside.

“Fischer lied to her and said he needed to use her restroom,” the claim states, according to the Union-Tribune Thursday. “Jane Doe let him into her home, but immediately realized the restroom claim was just a ruse to get in the house.”

Fischer told the woman he thought she was cute, hugged her for 10 seconds without consent and then rubbed his hands down her torso, shoulders, arms, back and buttocks, the Union-Tribune reported. After the hug, he told her again he thought she was good looking, then hugged her again; the woman resisted more aggressively the second time.

“Jane Doe was terrified, yet she was able to order Fischer to leave her home,” the Union-Tribune reported the complaint as saying. “In total, Fischer was in Jane Doe’s house for 7 to 10 minutes.”

A sheriff’s spokesman told the newspaper Sheriff Bill Gore is aware of the complain and placed Fischer on administrative leave during an investigation.

Among the allegations against the Sheriff’s Department are sexual assault and battery, sexual harassment and infliction of emotional distress, the Union-Tribune reported.zsdcop

—City News Service