An Airplane landing at Lindbergh Field. Photo courtesy of Sydney Tran

An airport jet fuel driver accused of being under the influence of alcohol while trying to fuel a plane at Lindbergh Field pleaded not guilty Friday to a misdemeanor DUI charge.

James Stewart, 56, was arrested April 16 after fellow ground service crews noticed his odd behavior about 10 p.m., Harbor police Lt. John Forsythe told NBC7.

Stewart’s blood-alcohol content was measured at .24 percent after his arrest, the station reported.

Judhge Marian Gaston, who took Stewart’s plea, ordered him to attend five Alcoholics Anonymous classes before his next court appearance on June 12. Stewart told the judge that he did not own a car and would not drive while his case was pending.

A trial date was set for July 2.

— City News Service

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