TrueCare in San Marcos

North County Health Project, Inc. d.b.a. TrueCare is soliciting proposals from qualified, licensed General Contractor firms to complete construction services of the North County Health Project, Inc. d.b.a. TrueCare, San Marcos Administration Elevator & Mezzanine Buildout Project. This includes a tenant improvement remodel/addition of an existing two-story building to accommodate a new elevator and mezzanine in the existing building lobby. The scope of work for the elevator portion includes demolition of the existing lift and adjacent demising walls and infrastructure for the addition of structural members. Proposed work includes new interior partitions for a machine room, a new 3500 lb. elevator, finishes and materials, new mechanical roof top equipment, new electrical scope as well as tying the elevator into the existing generator.  Mezzanine scope includes the demolition of existing guard rails, ceiling/lighting and finishes. Proposed scope of work includes new structural members to accommodate the proposed mezzanine and new interior partitions for an office space. Scope also includes new mechanical and electrical considerations. The contractor would be responsible to bring on fire sprinkler and fire alarm subcontractors to prepare drawings and product books for AHJ review and approval prior to the installation of the work. Work will be coordinated adjacent to an operational facility.

The agreement for construction services will be AIA Document A101-2017, Standard Form of Agreement between Property Owner and Contractor where the basis for payment is a Stipulated Sum.  The general conditions of the contract will be AIA Document A201-2007. As appropriate, other forms used for administration of design and construction services will be the AIA companion documents that relate to and reference the agreements between the Property Owner/Architect & the Property Owner/Contractor.

If you are interested in this project, please respond to the following email stating your interest, and pre-qualification documents and further information will then be relayed. Please contact Roya Afghan, Planning & Project Manager at Responses of interest must be received to the email address listed above on or before October 22nd, 2021 by 5 p.m. PST in order to be considered for review.

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