San Diego County line
Photo by Chris Jennewein

Times of San Diego will look different today because of a redesign to improve the speed of access and make it easier to read the news on smartphones.

Our reliable news coverage hasn’t changed, but the website has been updated with a new user interface that takes advantage of AMP, a technology framework that emphasizes performance and readability.

The website will still look great and be lightning fast on desktop and laptop computers, but 80% of Times of San Diego’s readership is on smartphones, and now the site is optimized for that.

Whatever device you use, the reading experience will automatically adjust for optimum usability.

Along with this redesign are some significant improvements and new features:

  • Better search technology to find older news
  • A new home search in partnership with Zillow
  • Improved placement of advertising
  • A dedicated health news category amid the pandemic

Our partner in these improvements is Newspack, a project of the Google News Initiative and Automattic, which provides commercial solutions based on the open-source WordPress publishing platform. Over 50 news website across the county are now using Newspack.

“Our mission is to support first-rate journalism and help local news organizations reach a wide audience,” said Kinsey Wilson, founder and head of Newspack. “We’re delighted to have The Times of San Diego in our ranks.”

If you have suggestions, comments, or — hopefully not — problems, please let us know at

Chris Jennewein

Chris Jennewein is Editor & Publisher of Times of San Diego.