The Walmart on Murphy Canyon Road in San Diego. Photo by Chris Jennewein

Retailing giant Walmart marked Veterans Day by announcing it has hired more than 10,000 former military personnel in California since making a recruiting pledge in 2013.

On Memorial Day six years ago, Walmart launched the Veterans Welcome Home Commitment with an initial goal of hiring 100,000. Two years later, the company expanded that goal to 250,000 veterans by the end of 2020.

“It’s our honor to support veterans and military families,” said retired Brig. Gen. Gary Profit, Walmart’s senior director of military programs. “These men and women are assets to our workforce, bringing the type of experience and work ethic we value here at Walmart.”

Typical of those veterans is Durrand Lardge, assistant store manager at a San Diego-area Supercenter.

“My time in the Marines prepared me to be a leader who follows through with every mission assigned every time, and Walmart provides me the tools to be a leader driving my own career,” said Lardge. “I joined Walmart through the Welcome Home program, and I am happy to see how my fellow servicemen and women benefit from a program providing great connections.”

Durrand, who grew up in inner-city St. Louis, enlisted at 19 and served as a satellite communications chief for more than 16 years. Walmart recruited him through its veterans program.

Last year, the retailer launched a similar program for the spouses of military personnel, and has hired 14,000 nationally in the first year.

“Last year, we decided to address the high unemployment rate among military spouses, by launching the Military Spouse Career Connection,” said Walmart U.S. CEO John Furner. “Military spouses are capable and qualified for a variety of jobs offered by Walmart and Sam’s Club, and we wanted many more of them to join our family.”

Walmart operates 303 stories in California and employs over 91,000 people in the state.

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