Brain Balance (Courtesy photo)

When it comes to parenting, the challenges can be enormous, but one San Diego company is trying to help children and their families make life a little bit easier.

Brain Balance in Carmel Mountain is a program that uses research to help children overcome behavior, social or academic challenges by developing motor skills, proper nutrition and exercise.

Amanda Lee, director of the San Diego program, said Brain Balance offers a “carefully structured” program that caters to each child.

“Each child’s personalized program includes sensory motor stimulation and training, confidence building, and academic activity plans coupled with easy-to-follow dietary guidelines,” Lee said. “The carefully structured and coordinated combination of the program elements helps establish proper brain and body function leading to a reduction or elimination of negative symptoms and behaviors, and improves the ability to learn academically, socially and emotionally.”

Lee said the program wasn’t just developed out of thin air, but is based on studies that show what’s effective in helping children.

“Brain Balance Achievement Centers is collaborating with researchers across the globe to test the program and continue to build a solid foundation of evidence that supports the effectiveness of the Brain Balance program,” said Lee, noting that more than 60 research studies support the program’s “integrative approach.”

One student who thrived with the help of Brain Balance is a 10-year-old girl “who was identified as having sensory processing disorder and anxiety.”

“She did not react appropriately in social settings and was struggling to keep up in school,” said Lee, who noted more than 30,000 students have gone through the Brain Balance program. “After the program, she now is described as delightful to be around who can sit down and have conversations with others. She is experiencing life now in a way she was never been able to because of all her previous roadblocks.

“We change and improve connectivity in the brain—and when we change connectivity in the brain, you change the symptoms,” Lee said.

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