Qualcomm’s Pioneering Snapdragon Chips Reach 10th Anniversary

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A Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. Courtesy of the company

Qualcomm on Tuesday celebrated the 10th anniversary of its pioneering Snapdragon line of central processors for smartphones and other wireless devices.

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Snapdragon chips power most Android devices, as well as most non-Apple smartphones.

The latest version — the powerhouse Snapdragon 835 — contains a staggering 3 billion transistors, yet promises to use less energy and thus lengthen battery life.

The Snapdragon line now includes not just processors but complete chipsets to handle all features of a mobile phone, tablet, computer or similar wireless device.

“Time flies when you never stop innovating,” the San Diego-based company said in a tweet about the Snapdragon anniversary.

The anniversary comes a day after Qualcomm’s board rejected a $130 billion buyout offer from Broadcom, which is seeking to dominate the market for wireless semiconductors.

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