Tony Svangvitaya. Courtesy photo

Not a fan of spicy food? One San Diego man wants to change that.

Tony Svangvitaya, a chef at Sala Thai restaurant, is the founder of The Last Hot Sauce, a unique blend of ingredients that could win over any taste buds.

The product, which Svangvitaya recently launched, was developed intertwining the best spices found in Thai foods.

“As the son of immigrants, it has been instilled in me to understand and continue my family’s heritage and culture,” said Svangvitaya, whose family has operated the popular San Diego restaurant since 1990.

Svangvitaya said he found many people didn’t enjoy spicy food because many hot sauces lack flavor.

“When it comes down to it, most hot sauces on the market are just vinegar with different desensitizing heat options,” Svangvitaya said. “Through the balance of multilayer blends of flavors and heat, spicy food becomes enjoyable. The Last Hot Sauce utilizes premium ingredients that really embody the four Thai flavors: sweet, sour, salty, and spicy.”

The Last Hot Sauce. Courtesy photo

Svangvitaya took his idea to Kickstarter earlier this year and raised $18,000 —$3,000 more than his original goal —to bring the product to market.

He hopes to change, what he calls the status quo, of vinegar-based hot sauces and expand others’ culinary minds.

“The Last Hot Sauce encourages you to cook creatively because it’s all you need to elevate any dish,”Svangvitaya said. “Its versatility truly makes this the last hot sauce you’ll ever need.”

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