The San Diego Convention Center. Photo by Chris Stone

The San Diego Convention Center’s Sails Pavilion Roof, a city landmark for nearly three decades, will be replaced, with preliminary work on the $10 million project set to begin at mid-month, it was announced Tuesday.

“The roof has come to its useful end of life,” said Barbara Moreno, the Convention Center’s communications director.

The roof will be removed one 60-foot-long section at a time, she said, while another contractor will remove its support structure.

The replacement roof will begin being raised around Thanksgiving, Moreno said, with completion of the project slated for January.

The 90,000-square-foot pavilion’s roof  “is part of what has made the San Diego Convention Center one of the most recognizable venues worldwide,” said Clifford Rippetoe, the Convention Center’s president and CEO.

Along with a new roof, the pavilion’s fire safety system will be upgraded and new lighting will be installed, Moreno said.

Seven construction and specialty firms will oversee on the roof project, with 40 people per day working on site, she said.

The Sails Pavilion was originally built as part of the “phase one” Convention Center, which opened in November 1989.

—City News Service