Rolflex. Courtesy photo
Nic Bartolotta. Courtesy photo

Sixteen years ago, Oceanside native Nic Bartolotta was told he would someday need a new knee. The news was crushing for the athlete who received a diving scholarship to attend UC Berkeley.

But Bartolotta found relief trying different massage therapies. That life-changing experience drove Bartolotta to become the co-founder of Range of Motion Products, the maker of Rolflex.

The Rolflex is a tool that helps athletes find relief at certain trigger points. Unlike a traditional foam roller that relies on gravity, the Rolflex relies on pressure and can replicate up to 40 massage therapy techniques.

“I realized I needed tools that didn’t exist to help me facilitate these (massage) techniques,” said Bartolotta, who is a licensed physical therapist and holistic health practitioner specially trained as a flexibility and myofascial release expert. “I found a solution that was non-invasive that involved active stretching techniques and massage work.”

Bartolotta, who co-created the product with Terry Cross, said the Rolflex can help target more body parts than a traditional foam roller, thanks to the straps and handles.

“It has an amazing amount of leverage far superior than your own muscle strength,” said Bartolotta, 36. “It’s a self-massage tool that’s as effective or more effective than even I can do with my own hands.”

The Rolflex, which has almost been on the market for two years, isn’t just for athletes. It can also help those who sit in the office and get tight muscles from sitting hours a day.

“We are excited to be the first company to be out there with such a universally useful tool,” Bartolotta said. “You can essentially work on 95 percent of your body.”

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