Krizia Puig, the new coordinator for Girls Give Back. Photo Credit: Jewish Family Service

The Jewish Family Service of San Diego (JFS) has appointed Krizia Puig as the new coordinator for “Girls Give Back,” a program that allows Jewish teen girls to express their leadership capabilities and support the community.

“I am passionate about creating brave spaces for women and girls to work on social justice issues,” Puig said, in a statement. “I love to teach, and plan to incorporate the transformative power of the arts as a tool to further change.”

Puig says the goal of this year’s program is to unlock the creative potential of young Jewish women, while educating them about important gender issues, according to JFS. This includes topics like privilege and oppression, the social construction of beauty, violence against women and other feminist topics.

According to JFS, Puig is a native of Venezuela and earned her Master of Performing Arts degree at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, Spain. She also became an adjunct professor of comparative arts at Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“Girls Give Back” is a program that empowers the next generation of female leaders by teaching them to plan service projects focusing on women’s rights advocacy, said JFS officials. The application deadline for young women to participate in the program is Monday, Sept. 12. To see the application, visit the JFSSD website here.

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