Kathryn Cloward. Courtesy photo

For award-winning singer-songwriter Kathryn Cloward, 2020 started out just as any other year. She began to write songs for a new album in January with plans to record in February. But when a COVID-induced stay-at-home order was announced in March, Cloward’s plans changed.

The San Diego performer, also known as Kathryn the Grape to her youngest fans, said she created the album, “All Together,” with the hopes of emotionally helping children and adults. 

“The past year has helped us all focus more on mental health and self-care for our children just as much as adults,” said, Cloward, who is also a mother. “This album has 10 songs with lyrics about feeling good about yourself, the positive impact of making kind choices, and compassionate affirmations for people of all ages to enjoy together.”

The album, which will be released on Feb. 22 on all digital platforms, features “It’s Okay to Cry.” Cloward said she was inspired to write the song partly by hearing a man tell his son to stop crying because “boys don’t cry.”

“That bothered me tremendously and I’ve never raised my son that way,” Cloward said. “I was inspired to write this song, and then make it into a book, to help normalize the emotional reels of crying.” 

Aside from working on her latest album, Cloward is also the author of the soon-to-be-released book, “Father Joe: Life Stories of a Hustler Priest,” which details the story of the San Diego homeless advocate and founder of Father Joe’s Villages. 

For more information about Kathryn Cloward, go to KathryntheGrape.com. CDs are also available for purchase on her site.