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U.S. Proposal Would Crack Down on Anonymous ‘Ghost Guns’ to Curb Mass Shootings

The U.S. Justice Department on Friday released a proposed rule that would crack down on self-assembled “ghost guns,” a measure promised by the White House last month as part of a larger effort to curb mass shootings and community bloodshed. The Justice Department issued a proposed regulation that would require retailers to run background checks […]

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San Diego Man’s Guns Seized for Alleged Illegal Possession

Firearms, ammunition and illegal “bump stocks” have been seized over the past 10 days in Norwalk, Riverside and San Diego from suspected prohibited gun owners, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced Tuesday. Those who were taken into custody were listed in the Armed Prohibited Persons System database or were suspected of engaging in illegally acquiring […]

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Faulconer Calls ‘Ghostbusters’ in Taxpayer Group’s Dinner Promotion

Confronted with a haunting “disaster of biblical proportions,” Mayor Kevin Faulconer falters at first. He’s asked: Who are you going to call? “Shelley Zimmerman,” he says — San Diego’s police chief. But later in the annual promotional video for the San Diego County Taxpayers Association Golden Watchdog and Fleece Awards dinner, Faulconer is shown making […]